Yanagisawa France Benelux S-WO20UL
Yanagisawa France Benelux S-WO20UL
Yanagisawa France Benelux S-WO20UL



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SW020UL - Elite Model. This SWO20UL brass unlacquered model is an instrument designed for the demanding saxophonist.

It is a saxophone where each component is manufactured with care, assembled with meticulousness. Soprano Yanagisawa S-WO20 has gained in accuracy compared to the S992 Elimona, to which it succeeds, thanks to its new bore and work on the chimneys of the left hand. This model also has many upgraded features exclusive to the WO series such as newly designed Front F Keys, Ride Side Keys and Right Pinky Key. A great work on ergonomics (which was already said to be very successful on the S992) facilitates the fingering and offers a sensation of lightness to the musician.

• New WO Series Soprano Bore Taper & Tonehole Design
• Added Mass to Dual Necks for a more Centered Tonal Core
• Raised Left Hand Palm Keys
• Redesigned High F#/G Key Cluster
• New Right Hand Pinky Key Design
• New Backpack Style WO Series Soprano Case

Key: Bb
Range: Low Bb to High F#
Body: Bronze
Bow: Bronze
Bell: Bronze
Keys: Brass
Finish: Unlacquered
Neck: Bronze
Neck Type: Straight & Curved
Case: Fabric Covered, Woodshell case with outer pocket and Backstraps

• What is the difference between the S-WO2 Professional and the S-WO20 Elite?
The S-WO20 offers 2 necks (straight and curved) with a harmonic plate, range to High G. Very slightly heavier, the S-WO20 produce a more focused and richer tonal cor. The curved neck allows a lower play position.

• Lacquered or unlacquered, the difference in sound is difficult to identify. Aesthetically, the unlacquered becomes matte and offers a "vintage" appearance by oxidizing.


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Yanagisawa France Benelux wordt verdeeld in Frankrijk, België, Nederland en Luxemburg door DOME FRANCE