Hand engraving


The Artist

Yanagisawa logo is stamped onto metal, but hand engraved by two engravers at the factory!




The choice ... the sound

To make his instruments, Yanagisawa selected different materials. Yellow brass, bronze (rich in copper) and solid silver. The combination of these 3 metals offers a very rich palette to the musician looking for the personalization of his sound. Some acousticians ensure that the material used does not affect the sound (?!). Try it with just different necks and you'll be convinced otherwise.

The Yanagisawa range proposes to combine these materials by segment: neck - body - bow - bell

If the reference ends with:

  • 1 or 10 = all brass
  • 2 or 20 = all bronze
  • 3 or 30 = neck body solid silver / bow bell brass
  • 32 = neck bell solid silver / body bow bronze
  • 33 = neck bell solid silver / body bow brass
  • 35 = neck body bell solid silver / bow brass
  • 37 = all solid silver


Yanagisawa France Benelux wordt verdeeld in Frankrijk, België, Nederland en Luxemburg door DOME FRANCE